#Januaryfalls18 23. Daunting nights

Dark, cold nights call for

staying indoors and being

a good girl. No. Not me.


I am not scared of

the people out there, trying

to stare me down, pose

a challenge. Take scarves off, roam,

walk free out, under the stars.

A haiku and a tanka. I’ve missed them.

My bae, Parvathi over at Queen Talks and I are attempting these prompts curated by Poetry Falls over on Instagram.


#25. Unconscious doodles

Before, I hated drawing.

I despised artists; I thought art was a waste of time.

I mean, a “painting” wish some red streaks and splashes becomes famous?

For what, like those red streaks were somewhat very purposeful?

Phshhhhh. Puh’lease. Like it matters.

But now, I can’t stop my pencil from moving about.

From restaurant paper napkins to exam sheets,

everything was covered in hearts.

all kinds of hearts, filled, empty.

Coloured, patterned.

Ends touching.

Ends hollow.

It was all because of this one artist that I grew up with,

who taught me, unintentionally, that all people,

all hearts, collectively, individually

are pieces of art

when brought together, makes up the universe.

Something new.

This is the Spring Palette for the Heart, by Parvathi and Me.



#25. Wish you were here

The first time you took me out

of the city,

out of the “light pollution”, as you call it,

my mouth hung open.

It was a gateway to heaven.

I didn’t move my eyes away from the stars.

I didn’t blink,

for i feared that they would disappear.

But I held your hand, firmly,

and i didn’t have to say it,

but I squeezed your hand,

thank you.

And for once,

I didn’t have to close my eyes

and wish for you to

be with me.

#18. White Washed Dreams

“Science is the best option for you!”

“You like biology? Medicine it is!”

“Computer science in engineering will fetch a job with an attractive salary and a beautiful girl!”

Little did they know,

that with each passing day,

the music stopped playing

and movements stopped. 

The paints stopped mixing,

and the canvases remained blank.

The ink in the pen

dried up

and so did the soul


I am so conflicted with my future right now. I had to get it out. No one has forced me to study anything, but the expectations are little suffocating.

#7. Taste of Time

Go ahead. 

Laugh in my face. 

Challenge yourself.

Drive as fast as you can.


Jump from that platform.

Lat go of the purple hand that your holding.

Pierce your ears.

Travel. See places. 

Eat. Love.

Talk to people. Share stories.

Go out without a phone.


Be patient. 

Love yourself. 

Life is too shot to be doing

something timid,

and boring. 

They say words sometimes (most of the times) come out from the depths of the person. I guess this is what I really feel inside. I want to spread this to as many people as possible.

On another note, check out my friend at Queen Talks. Her response to this prompt is a must read!