#Octoberfalls 5. Delicate Fragility

They say that if you see yourself in

a cracked mirror, you get

seven years of bad luck.

I handle mirrors very, very


In handling mirrors, I forget to

take good care of my

soul and heart

and don’t care if it gets


Over and over


I’m really glad of how my sketch came out to be. I initially planned to draw a spiderweb, but then, I went in deeper. This is my favourite sketch so far.


#9. Hiraeth

There’s a world out there

somewhere, in a time beyond my reach

where i can breathe air

free of words of words of deceit floating in it

only the sweet smell of flowers and petrichor,

drink waster so clear that

I can count every grain of gravel at the bottom,

look up at the night sky

and finally believe that there really are

an infinite number of stars.

If there’s a life after this

my only wish is to experience purity

in me and my people.

These prompts, The New Renaissance, were created by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, and I am attempting these with Parvathi over at Queen Talks.

#1. Silent Nights

These are a set of poetry prompts for December by PoetryHive on Instagram!

through the long, dark nights

the wind, cold and merciless

biting at my skin

making my teeth chatter,

I look for you

day in, day out

night in, night out.

But you blend in,

no, your soul blends in

with the dark of

the night

making you

i n v i s i b l e.

#11. Daisies in Winter

The sun is shining

in the wrong time of the year.

Illuminating things

that ought to be kept in the dark.

Spreading warmth when

there ought to be chilliness

creeping into my bones.

The Sun is being a jerk right now.

The Sun

should not show it’s face

for the longest time,

for, once upon a time,

the Sun reflected my soul.

I originally began thinking of responding to this prompt in a hopeful way, but it took a turn that i had no control over. Hope you like it!