#4. The way we burn

The fire in your eyes

ignites my own in ways that I

cannot comprehend.

my body aches for you when

we are apart, even for minutes.

And I do not know

how i will be able to “be”

without your presence.

A tanka and a haiku combination, because both separately are too short.


#27: Look for me in the stillness

#27: Look for me in the stillness

I stare at the wall;

I’ve been staring at it for God knows how long.

For hours, months, years,

I can’t say because,

each time I look ta it,

you look different.

In every picture,

in every doodle that you and I

did together,

in every painting that you did,

in every charcoal sketch that I did.

Every tear that falls on the ground,

memories of you and me

are etched deeper into my soul.