Feeling blue

beautiful sky blue sky

stretched from one corner to another

a too-bright silver disc above me

but i don’t care.

I see the dark blue line

where the sky and the sea green sea

sit and chat

all day long

like they’re best friends.

as that silver ball of fire dips

disrupting the sea-sky time,

they are no longer friends.

they puch each other apart

fighting for the other, cooler, prettier

silver disc, the sky blue sky turning into the

perfect indigo, matching my soul

and sea green sea turning so dark

it looks like ink, but foamy.

as it reaches my feet, I wait for the

ball of fire to ascend

and the sky blue and sea green

to become friends


This was a prompt given to me by my bae Parvathi over at Queen Talks. She told me to write something with just one colour. It was obviously a challenge for me, seeing how much I love colour, but I really love this poem, even if the imagery is a bit cliched.

She and I have something exciting coming soon (we hope!) so look out for it!


#Octoberfalls 6. Minstrel of the tide

There is no one that reassures me better

than the crashing waves on the rocks.

I wish I didn’t have to learn

and believe

from experience.

But I did.

So, I am thankful,

for the rocks that never waver when the tides

come crashing in.

For the waves, that never stop trying.

For the Sun, that tells me there’s always

another day, another chance.

Another beginning.

For the Moon, for there’s always

beauty in being the light in the darkness.

I am reminded of this everyday.

Even when I am away,

the salt on my lips

the wind in my hair

never lets me forget.

Well, I wanted to write a sappy love story poem, but I changed the route to self discovery! I wish I was living near the sea. I love Bangalore, but I wish the sea weren’t 6 hours away from me.



#14. Where We Hide the Wild Things

The pink stripe in her hair,

Is the same shade as my face turns,

when I see her

baring her soul

to me.

And no one else,

under the blanket of stars

with the moon as the bed light

and the sound of the waves

lapping against the rocks

her lullaby.

Well, this was sort. It was inspired by two of my romantic shorts(-ish), Under the Starts, Him and Her. It’s of two parts, part one: Him and part two :Her. Tell me how you like it or not!

#10: The waltz at midnight

I’ll try making this a happy one.

lighthouse at night

“Hey,” you whisper to me,

“I have to show you something.”

I open my eyes, slowly,

adjusting to the darkness,

and to the shape kneeling by my bedside.

I can see the mischievous glint in your eye

as you eye me putting on some warm clothes. 

We drive;

we drive so far that it would’ve been sunrise,

but when you said, “We’re here.”  

it was still dark. 

You held my hand

And led me through a maze of stairs 

before reaching a door. 

You smiled that mischievous smile

which promised me a wonderful time.

And it sure did, because

When you opened the door, 

the sky was infinite. 

The stars were spilled out like a packet of silver glitter

and the moon forgot that there was a party

and the sound of the sea vibrated through my bones

and to you.

As if it wasn’t perfect already,

you took my hand, placed it on your shoulder,

took the other in your hand,

while your other hand rested on my hips. 

You whispered, “Happy birthday,”

against my mouth, so soft that I could barely hear it,

and we began to sway,

to the sound of the water lapping against the rocks. 

To the sound of the wind rustling the trees. 

To the sound that the stars made, 

heard by everyone who wants to listen.