#24: Temptation between my teeth

#24: Temptation between my teeth


You need little naughty in life, fictional or not.

I drag my fingers across

the surface, collecting dark substance

on my fingertips.

She watches my,

carefully, and gauges my expression as

I put them in my mouth,

moan with the pure pleasure

of having to taste

the best chocolate ever made.

Picture credits: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2585441/Go-naughty-Quetzalcoatls-chocolate-cake.html


#23: The sheets remember you

#23: The sheets remember you

I feel your absence


In the air around me,

In the bookshelf where your books lay


In the bathroom sink, where all your toiletries

sit half full and unused.

In the kitchen, where all your baking supplies

gather dust.

In the dusty cable TV.

In the curtains.

In the two-seater sofa.

In the balcony, where we sat and read.

In our bed, next to me.