#Januaryfalls18 9. Dalliance

You said you wanted something

with no strings attached

with no complications.

Just a casual spree

you and me.

I agreed.

How could I not?

If it means that I get to spend time with you

for however brief time it is

I will take it.

Even if my heart gets shattered

and splintered.

Hey, two lines rhymed!

Parvathi and I are attempting these prompts, curated by Falls Poetry over on instagram.


#Novemberfalls 14. Falling topaz

I was a star.

Bright, Shining, unblinking,


My end

was the last thing on my mind.

But before I knew it

I was falling.

Deep into the abyss

and so far deep that

I cannot get back up.

Parvathi, over at her swag blog Queen Talks, and I are attempting these poetry prompts, by Falls Poetry.

#Octoberfalls 14. Lonely rooms

I am alone in my apartment.

My smiles are forced.

Sometimes I think I may hurt

my cheeks if I smile because

they’ve been so out of practice.

This pain in my chest is a new constant

in my life.

I am empty. Soul-less.

Just a living corpse walking

and breathing and eating to

stay alive. Not really living.

I’ve been this way since you

have been gone.

This is my new


A little sappy, sad poem because I haven’t written any lately.

#18. White Washed Dreams

“Science is the best option for you!”

“You like biology? Medicine it is!”

“Computer science in engineering will fetch a job with an attractive salary and a beautiful girl!”

Little did they know,

that with each passing day,

the music stopped playing

and movements stopped. 

The paints stopped mixing,

and the canvases remained blank.

The ink in the pen

dried up

and so did the soul


I am so conflicted with my future right now. I had to get it out. No one has forced me to study anything, but the expectations are little suffocating.

#16. All The Nameless

You look into our 16

hopeful faces as 

a grin breaks out

on your face 

and we relax.

You may not be so bad after all.

*I week later*

You are worse than

I first thought.

You are ruthless,

and I have no idea 

what’s happening here. 

My body aches from the beatings. 

I am peeing blood,

even when I’m not peeing.




I am terrified. 

We had a session today on human trafficking and it really messed me up. I had to write about it.

#14: Confessions and Apologies

My hands trembled as I

pulled the paper out of the envelope

addressed to me, in your

swirly, loopy, fancy handwriting.

I read through it,

taking in each word

breathing in each word

like it’s my last.

I see a smudge of your nail polish,

my favourite, your last,

shimmering midnight blue

and my heart shatters

all over again.