Day 2 of 10 Days of Poetry

Word: Face

Poetic Device: Alliteration

It’s you.

I see you looking at me with pride and tears

When I got ready for my first day of school.

When I walked up to the stage, head held high, to collect my prize.

You clapped the loudest; I know, even when you were lost in the midst of the crowd.

I call for you when I’m hurt; I call for you when I’m happy;

You stand like a rock on a stormy day at the ocean, cool, clam and collected,

While the whirl pool is churning all around around you, and inside of you.

If you are made of flesh and blood,

God must have added something special


There is no way all of us can be made the same.

It’s you, amma.

It’s you.


Next Year

Next year, I want to be a better person.

Next Year, I want to work hard and study well and make my parents proud, because I’ve been too self-indulgent this year.

Next year, I want to speak my mind and tell people what I feel as I’m too misunderstood sometimes and awkward conversations are kind of my forte.

Next year, I want to tell someone that I like them and not be afraid of what he thinks of me, because I did it!

Next year, I want to be myself and indulge in the happiness of my loved ones and ultimately, me.

Next year, I want to read more and write more.

Next year, I want to feel pain deep inside my heart and stop shrugging it off.

Next year,

Next year,

I want to love myself like I love my family and friends and not be guilty about it.

The iPod shuffle Game

I can taste salt water

Intimate scenes

You got me wide open, wide open, now I’m yours

I lost myself in fear of losing you

Now and then I think of when we were together

You hit me faster than a shark attack

It’s late in the evening

If you really cared about me

How come, we never know what you got

We got stars directing our fate

Uh… So yeah. This was the poem that was created by using the first lines of the first 10 songs that play on shuffle. Really