25. Undiscovered

If I had a warning label, it should definitely say

“This is far darker than it seems.”

It also makes sense if it says

“This layer is what everyone gets.”

And as you dig into each layer,

new warning signs pop up.

“Lol, dude. This is all you can see? Try digging deeper!”

“Provide with 75% dark chocolate to calm the beast inside.”

“A pack of Hide ‘n’ Seek wouldn’t hurt this emotional mess.”

“Please come back later. Mourning the death of a character right now.”

“This is what it is. Don’t run away.”

Oh this was fun!

I’m attempting these prompts with Parvathi over at Queen Talks and these prompts, “The Lonely Astronaut” were set by Amanda Torroni and Tyler Kent White. I’m combining prompts from these and the Official NaPoWriMo.


Feeling blue

beautiful sky blue sky

stretched from one corner to another

a too-bright silver disc above me

but i don’t care.

I see the dark blue line

where the sky and the sea green sea

sit and chat

all day long

like they’re best friends.

as that silver ball of fire dips

disrupting the sea-sky time,

they are no longer friends.

they puch each other apart

fighting for the other, cooler, prettier

silver disc, the sky blue sky turning into the

perfect indigo, matching my soul

and sea green sea turning so dark

it looks like ink, but foamy.

as it reaches my feet, I wait for the

ball of fire to ascend

and the sky blue and sea green

to become friends


This was a prompt given to me by my bae Parvathi over at Queen Talks. She told me to write something with just one colour. It was obviously a challenge for me, seeing how much I love colour, but I really love this poem, even if the imagery is a bit cliched.

She and I have something exciting coming soon (we hope!) so look out for it!

#Januaryfalls18 24. Point and Shoot

My phone vibrates. A new text message.

I open it and see it’s from her.

My lips are involuntarily pulled to the sides as I press to download the new picture.

She’s in the Rome, in front of the Colosseum

Smiling her bright toothy smile,

dimples just below the corners of her mouth.

“Looks beautiful!” I reply.

“Me, or the Colosseum?”

“You pick.”


“I wish I was with you” I don’t hit send.

Instead, I look down at my mechanized chair

and sigh.

I don’t know what I was trying to write, but I’m glad I got this out.

My bae, Parvathi over at Queen Talks and I are attempting these prompts curated by Poetry Falls over on Instagram

#15. Winter Warmed Me

“So…” I say into the phone.

“My place. You and Me. Ghibli Movie Marathon. The whole weekend.” You say, from the other end.

I laugh. “That’s how we’re spending the New Year?”

“Yes.” The firmness in your voice surprises me.

My voice softens. “Okay.”

I click my phone off and sigh.

I wonder how you’re going to tolerate 20 studio Ghibli movies

in one weekend.

Again, this is meh.

#1. A Painting in Vengeance

JR Rogue and Kat Savage are back with a new set of creative prompts, As Everything Turns Grey, all of November.

That beautiful header was created by Prince and me! Hope you like reading my poems!

I’m writing this with a friend this time! Do check her blog and follow her! She’s Queen Talks.

Look at you. 

All smiley and touchy-feely with the one that you love.

It is so beautiful that I retch.

I wait in the darkness, spying on you.

I observe you:

Your hands, your face, your gestures.

Your eyes.

And I wonder, why didn’t you love me

As much as the person you are loving now?

That person whose eyes you look into while talking.

That person whose hands you hold while crossing the road. 

That one person to whom you lend your sickly smelling leather jacket to.

That one person who will decorate my house for Halloween.