#Novemberfalls 12. Moonglade

#Novemberfalls 12. Moonglade

I shine gold while you

mirror me, silver. We don’t

meet, but always feel.

A little Haiku because my brain is mush.

Parvathi and I are attempting these prompts, and her response to this prompt is so good. I love it. Check it out here!


#Novemberfalls 10. Blood in the cut

#Novemberfalls 10. Blood in the cut

The first time the sharp side of the metal met my skin

it was only a touch.

A feather touch, and barely that.

but they both went red.

even though it lasted only for a few seconds,

the colour was spectacular.

I did it again.

I experimented with various different blades

Various kinds of touches

and maybe even kissing!

The colour never ceased to fascinate me.

Some self love guys! If you guys ever feel like self-harming, please talk to someone you trust and who will listen to you without judgement! You will feel so much better, I promise you.

My amazing blogging buddy, Parvathi, over at Queen Talks, and I are attempting these poetry prompts together. Do show her some love!!

#Novemberfalls 7. Wild Horses

#Novemberfalls 7. Wild Horses

My heart races

and I feel that yours is in a

competition with mine.

Skin to skin

our breaths mingles

no idea who’s limbs start where

and this is bliss

a dream that I never want to wake up from.

When I open my eyes,

You’re still here.

The sunlight streaming in

from the tiny slits of the curtains

making your skin glow

and I trail small kisses

on every spot the sun touches you.


My dear Parvathi, over at Queen Talks, is attempting these prompts with me. Do give her some love!

#Novemberfalls 6. Citrine Dreamer

#Novemberfalls 6. Citrine Dreamer

Dreamers are fascinating creatures.

They love all things equally

with so much passion

that ebbs and flows to the next person

and it is impossible to not love them

or what they’re passionate about.

Their eyes sparkle

they forget that they’re introverts

they talk and talk and talk

I hope they’ll meet their match

a realist, one day,

to make sure they don’t float up

and away.

This was inspired by an episode of Modern Family.

Parvathi and I are attempting poetry prompts Falls Poetry over on Instagram.

#Novemberfalls 4. Girl on the Moon

#Novemberfalls 4. Girl on the Moon

I walk past her everyday

but each day that I see her

she seems as unreachable as the previous day,

if not more.

I gave up the idea.

I loved her in my head.

I had endless conversations with her

about everything and nothing

all at once.

And in my head, I let her go.

Until one day,

I hear someone ask me,

“Hi, may I know something?”

I turn, and I gasp.

It’s her.

Close to me like a full moon.

I automatically feel a pull towards her,

like I’m a tide.

And I’m seeing us together

in a single house

in my head.

A little sappy lovey-dovey stuff. Been a while.

Parvathi over at Queen Talks is attempting these poetry prompts with me! Go check out her blog and give her some love!