#Octoberfalls 14. Lonely rooms

#Octoberfalls 14. Lonely rooms

I am alone in my apartment.

My smiles are forced.

Sometimes I think I may hurt

my cheeks if I smile because

they’ve been so out of practice.

This pain in my chest is a new constant

in my life.

I am empty. Soul-less.

Just a living corpse walking

and breathing and eating to

stay alive. Not really living.

I’ve been this way since you

have been gone.

This is my new


A little sappy, sad poem because I haven’t written any lately.


#Octoberfalls 3. Springs of Laughter

#Octoberfalls 3. Springs of Laughter

Smiles are forced

A Necessity in today’s world

Forcing smiles for so long that one

forgets what a real smile feels like.

A real smile is a ray of sunshine on

a rainy day.

It is the silver lining in the heavy grey sky.

It is the little drops of water on treetops

that fall after the rain

when the wind blows.

It is wishing on a fallen eyelash

for a shooting star that I

want to see with


And I smile, instantly


Laughter always reminds me of happiness. And the real form of happiness, for me, is a smile. And I’ve always associated happiness with the Sun. Hence, the splish-splash random blobs of orange and yellow.

Oh, this paper does not hold ink well. I should look for something thicker.

#Octoberfalls 2. City Skyline

#Octoberfalls 2. City Skyline

Sweet whispers through the chilly air

at midnight

two pairs of feet

dangling off the edge

is my favourite way to spend time with

with you.

But now that you

are gone

I sit there,

on the same rooftop,

one bare foot dangling off the edge

watching life go by

at midnight in

the silence of the chilly air.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to writing sappy romantic poems, but oh well.

The art accompanying isn’t good at all, but well, I am still learning.



#Octoberfalls 1. Namaste

#Octoberfalls 1. Namaste

My Soul recognizes

yours and may we never part, for

your beautiful soul

lights up my own in a way

it has not in a long time.

A Tanka.

This is the first prompt for OctoberFalls poetry Challenge up on Instagram. I am also creating art for it! I am not really good at it, but seriously, I find peace drawing and painting.

Also, for a person who is slightly obsessed with hands, I cannot, for the love of God, draw them well.

#14. White Noise

#14. White Noise

You’re talking.

I can see your lips move,

your hands making arcs in the air

your eyebrows scrunched up in worry.

But I don’t hear you.

All I hear is the repeated words,

as if on an infinite loop,

you failed you failed you failed.

Parvathi and I are attempting Rebirth in April in July. Her responsive poem to this prompt is amazing. Go, click the link here!

#13. Games in which we relearn everything

#13. Games in which we relearn everything

“Twenty Questions.”

That’s the first thing you say when we met after 6 years.

We were best friends then.

In my mind, we always were.

When you asked the first question,

I knew, that we

will always be best friends,

but new people to each other.

This is how I feel when I meet my school friends after months.

Parvathi and I are attempting Rebirth in April in July, prompts created by JR Rogue and Kat Savage.


#12. Relearning happiness

#12. Relearning happiness

It is 4:32 AM.

I am not asleep.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be.

All the events since the last month have eaten bits and pieces

of me, slowly.

I get up to make myself some tea.

I pad around my apartment,

seeing but not noticing.

Hearing all the early morning noises

but not really listening.

I turn the radio on for company,

but all the chanting and the mantras makes me feel sick.




I have no clue what this this about, but I had other things in mind. But I am typing this at 6:50 AM, so yay me!