#januaryfalls18 20. School Days

#januaryfalls18 20. School Days

Pen Fight!

Come on, boys! Let’s play the pen fight

We use the pens which would write! 

Some have ink,

others are pink!

It is so much fun to play,

throwing pens away!

Okay, so I wrote this poem way back when I was 10. I loved to rhyme and made it silly. So, taking inspiration from this poem, I will answer the prompt.

Walking through the corridors,

I trace my hand against the circle windows,

quickly taking in all the changes around me

the walls that used to seem too tall

the steps that seemed too large

the ceilings that were too high up.

Inside the classroom, the whole space is

smaller than I remember.

The metal benches are too small

but back then,

when my best friend say two benches away,

it seemed like we were galaxies apart!

No more school, no more benches

no more school-mates, classmates, bench-mates,

no more best friend.

I suppose I could’ve taken a different turn with this one but I like it. Sad, melancholy, wistful.

My bae, Parvathi over at Queen Talks and I are attempting these prompts curated by Poetry Falls over on Instagram.


#Januaryfalls18 16. Eunoia

#Januaryfalls18 16. Eunoia

“Hey, so you know what ‘eunioa’ means?”

“It is the shortest word where all vowels are present,”

I wrinkle my nose. “Okay, but what does it mean? It has to have a meaning, right?”

You think for a minute.

I love the fact that you didn’t say, “Google it yourself; why are you asking me?”

Then you smile.

“Eunoia means… a beautiful mind. A well thinking mind, such as yours.”

I blinked.


“You are the most learned person here, you know,” I poke your hips, which makes you grin in a way that gives me goosebumps.

“I said ‘beautiful mind’. If I fall sick, you know exactly what to do, without losing your head. You give me medicine, and food that i can eat and company. But when you fall sick…”

“Go on,” I whisper.

“I lose it. I wouldn’t know what to do. I feel helpless. You are strong and your mind” you knuckles rap the ride of my head slightly; lovingly. “is fit and works well and just



Well, I love you for saying that.

Ehh a little cheesy but doesn’t matter! I put it up!

My bae, Parvathi over at Queen Talks and I are attempting these prompts curated by Poetry Falls over on Instagram.


#Januaryfalls18 15. Time for Change

#Januaryfalls18 15. Time for Change

The Sun has finally changed


This means, more warmth

no more “ugh, this cold” days.

No more wanting to snuggle

in the cold.

This means trees shedding

forming pretty patterns

with their bare branches.

This means,

hoping for you

to come back


Okay, this isn’t that great, but Happy Sankrathi to all my fellow (South) Indians out there! This is the season of harvest, the season where you eat yellu bella and keep your body warm from the inside.

This festival is called different names across the country. Kannadigas call it Sankranthi. Tamilians and Telugu-people call it Pongal. But we also make pongal XD

Confusing, no?

My bae, Parvathi over at Queen Talks and I are attempting these prompts curated by Poetry Falls over on Instagram.

#januaryfalls18 8. Cinnamon and cyanide

#januaryfalls18 8. Cinnamon and cyanide

Cozy winters,

curling up in blankets, sweet-smelling

candles around me, book in hand

Could it become true, one day?

Could I ever have a reality that does not end in me

crying myself to sleep, every single night?

Crude chemistry idea. Maybe next life, I’ll be happier.

Well. I have no idea. It just popped in to my head. Also, notice that all the first syllable of every line begins with a “k-“. Exploring the vastness that is this poetry, I shall keep doing new things, where good or bad.

Parvathi, over at Queen Talks, and I are attempting these poetry prompts set by Falls Poetry, over on Instagram.

#Octoberfalls 22. Sillage

#Octoberfalls 22. Sillage

The first time I saw you

it was straight out from

one of those rom-com flicks.

Your scarf hit my face and I

involuntarily inhale sweet, floral smell

very mild, with a hint of something

very human.

lingered on my collar and

you face behind my eyelids

like etched in stone.

I never saw you again

I wouldn’t even know what to say

if I did.

I totally love the watercolour painting that I did. The poem, not so much.

I am SO behind on this and I have only two days left to draw and write for a week’s worth of prompts. Oh God, help me.



#14. White Noise

#14. White Noise

You’re talking.

I can see your lips move,

your hands making arcs in the air

your eyebrows scrunched up in worry.

But I don’t hear you.

All I hear is the repeated words,

as if on an infinite loop,

you failed you failed you failed.

Parvathi and I are attempting Rebirth in April in July. Her responsive poem to this prompt is amazing. Go, click the link here!

#12. Relearning happiness

#12. Relearning happiness

It is 4:32 AM.

I am not asleep.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be.

All the events since the last month have eaten bits and pieces

of me, slowly.

I get up to make myself some tea.

I pad around my apartment,

seeing but not noticing.

Hearing all the early morning noises

but not really listening.

I turn the radio on for company,

but all the chanting and the mantras makes me feel sick.




I have no clue what this this about, but I had other things in mind. But I am typing this at 6:50 AM, so yay me!