#25. Wish you were here

The first time you took me out

of the city,

out of the “light pollution”, as you call it,

my mouth hung open.

It was a gateway to heaven.

I didn’t move my eyes away from the stars.

I didn’t blink,

for i feared that they would disappear.

But I held your hand, firmly,

and i didn’t have to say it,

but I squeezed your hand,

thank you.

And for once,

I didn’t have to close my eyes

and wish for you to

be with me.


#22. The Way NOW relearns to love THEN

You told me you’d meet me at 3.

I was here at 2:45.

I was so used to being late,

that he took advantage of that

to leave me all alone

crying, and bleeding and clawing my way through life.

It is 2:46, and you come strolling in.

As soon as you spot me, you smile.

You smile so brightly that the sun

seems dull in comparison.

And me heart beats faster and faster

and my face glows a little.

I smile back, hoping I’m just as radiant as you are.

When you reach me,

you hold me tight.

I am unable to.

This amount of love is overwhelming.

You release me, hold me face,

and look into my eyes for so long,

that I resolve to start a new life.

Sunny is glaring at me, for I said, “The Sun seems dull in comparison.”

One day, it will true. Get used to it, Sunny.

#20. Sleeping in

I can’t face you.

Not after I stammered and blurted out that

little secret you asked me to safe guard.

Not after that incredulous look you shot at me

when I did that.

Not after that look of disappointment that clouded your face

after I betrayed your trust.

And if I do ever see you again,

I’ll blurt out all my secrets,

including the fact that I’ve always,

always, always loved you.

I really can’t face anything,but the darkness over my eyes

when I cover my blankets over my face.

This is my 100th post on this blog! Time for celebration! Time for an new book!

#18. It was all evergreen

Winter, it is cold.

I grab sweaters, shawls, sweatshirts

too keep away the cold.

But you don’t care.

You just roam around in a cotton shirt and jeans,

sleeves rolled up

occasionally putting your arm around me

and I’d like to think that I’m warming you up.

Summer, it is hot.

I wear long sleeved, light coloured, full length cotton clothes.

You still look the same: cotton shirt, jeans, sleeves rolled up.

Only now, every time you put your arm around me,

you are protecting me from the Sun.

After writing this, I realized I was describing my former crush. Trust my heart to pen poems like this.