#Octoberfalls 25. Rosy and grey

the bright red rose, the

same colour as your lips

with eyes stormy grey.

A little haiku for a watercolour inktober piece.


#Octoberfalls 24. Sweet subtlety

I grip your shoulders tight

look into your eyes and say

“I have loved you for a long time now,

and I will love you forever

even when I go back to my planet

back to my planet

back home to my wife

and kids.

I’m sorry,”

I kiss your forehead and

begin to walk away.

You have a stoic expression on your face.

Then you kick me in the shin

pull me to you, and say,

“I hate you,”

I laugh out loud.

No, you don’t.

In the mood for some cheesy poems. Don’t cringe!

#Octoberfalls 31. Hellfire and brimstone

When I met you, you created a

spark in me that

in our short-long time together

the flame grew taller than me.

Happiness and passion and love collided

until everything burned to the ground

and you along with it.

I get that this is not an ink drawing. But I had fun making this.

I’m so sad that Inktober and Falls Poetry for October has ended. I cannot believe the things that I have done for this and I am really proud of myself.

Onto November!

#Octoberfalls 30. Midnight Opal

“I am so glad we got out,” You say,

reclining on the hood of your car

and all I can see is your pale figure

and little shininess from your

wedding sherwani. 

But I know you’re looking at me,

my hand in yours, your rubbing mine slightly

thanking me for the idea.

I smile.

Our wedding night could’ve been worse.

We could’ve spent the entire night in a closed room,

with nosey people eavesdropping.

But under the stars, in your arms

me in my wedding sari and you in that ridiculously heavy

sherwani, is so much better.

I smile and snuggle closer to you.

Just a little thought. Oh, how I love love stories.

#Octoberfalls 23. Wildflower Caged

I topped my university.

Golden medal in my post-graduation.

The day I go back home,

there’s a boy ready to get married

to me.

I can’t tell my parents that I don’t want to get married.

Especially to a stranger that I just met.

Especially a man,

no matter how good looking he is.

My girlfriend is waiting for me

and I just want to run back to her,

and have her strong and delicate arms

hold me while I sob over our

unfair life

while she just strokes my hair

leaving little kisses, here and there

until I am finally under control.

Because with the love of your life

by your side,

there’s nothing you can’t do.

No idea where this came from, but I like it.

Only 8 more to go, in two days.

I can do this.

#Octoberfalls 22. Sillage

The first time I saw you

it was straight out from

one of those rom-com flicks.

Your scarf hit my face and I

involuntarily inhale sweet, floral smell

very mild, with a hint of something

very human.

lingered on my collar and

you face behind my eyelids

like etched in stone.

I never saw you again

I wouldn’t even know what to say

if I did.

I totally love the watercolour painting that I did. The poem, not so much.

I am SO behind on this and I have only two days left to draw and write for a week’s worth of prompts. Oh God, help me.



#Octoberfalls 21. Dark Lipstick

I don’t use that shade of lipstick.

I don’t use lipstick

at all.

So, where did this come from?

Your collar is stained so badly

that my hands ache from scrubbing it.

Not tonight.

Tomorrow, when you reek of alcohol

and come to me, groping me

wanting me

I will show you then.

Oh Devre, help me.

This was inspired by one of my own short stories. I was proud of it when I wrote it, but now it brings me memories that I’d rather not bring up.