#22. A memory I am forgetting

#22. A memory I am forgetting

After you, I tried to move on.

I did many things to keep myself distracted

but it all came down to you.

Would you have liked this drink?

Maybe you’d be good at this game!

Oh you’d love this kind of fish!

But until, one day,

someone else came along,

and took my breath away,

very much like you did, but the feeling is new.

And day by day,

your haunting me became lesser

and lesser

and stopped

when you found out how happy I am.

These prompts, The New Renaissance, were created by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, and I am attempting these with Parvathi over at Queen Talks.


#1. Origins

#1. Origins

The Sun is the same,

for you and me, miles, oceans, continents apart,

but somehow, each sunrise, and each sunset


They’re early sometimes, and other times,

I’ve seen two sunrises!

But no matter where I go,

what I do,

within a span of 24 hours,

I always want to see one sunrise and one sunset,

which are 12 hours apart.

That pulls me forward, drives me to work hard,

because I will be working for my home.

Okay, I will get back into the zone soon, but I am back!

These set of prompts that I am attempting are by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, celebrating Poetry Month, April! These set of prompts are called The New Renaissance, and they are some of the toughest ones that I’ve ever attempted.

J R Rogue and Kat Savage also have their poetry prompts up, which Parvathi and I will be doing in May.

I’ll try my best to write everyday (I have exams starting from the 10th). Wish me luck in all aspects of life!

Also, I made that header all by myself! I don’t really like it, but it will have to do for mow 😀