#8. Flowers in your hair

#8. Flowers in your hair

“Papa, why did Maa wear flowers in her hair?”

My hands stilled for the briefest of times.

My smile wavered, but I kept it on.

My eyes stung with unshed tears,

tears that I blink away and glance at the photograph of us

on my bedside table.

“Because, she wanted to smell good all the time.”

As I finished braiding my daughter’s hair,

securing it with elastic bands with fake flowers,

she said, “Is that why you don’t let me wear flowers?”

I winced at her words.

How do I tell my second love of my life that

she is the splitting image of my first love?

That the only difference between them

are the flowers?

I told her, the standard “dad” reply,

“You’ll know when you get older.”

Well, it could’ve been better, but oh.

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I’m attempting Rebirth in April with Parvathi. Go check out her poems. They’re beautiful!

#3. Chasing Secrets

“I have to tell you something,”

Your warm breath tingles on my ear

and I feel it all the way


I can’t see you but

I feel the smile on your lips

against my neck.

This is so much better

making my body rise to the occasion.

I sigh.

“Do you need to tell me right now,

right this moment?”

I ask.

You nod; I feel it against me neck.

I open my eyes and to see you looking down at me,

smiling warmly.

And you say,

“I love you,”

I melt into a puddle of happiness and love.

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#2. Wasting time on temptation

Sometimes, when I catch myself

Staring at him, for no absolute reason

other than that I fancy him,

I mentally scold myself.

“You will not go through that pain


You will not out yourself through

falling in love,


No, commitments with boys

who do-and-dash are fatal

for the heart.”

And I know it better than anyone else.

Fighting this temptation is really hard,

and it takes all that I have in me to fight

and think of you as an ugly, unlovable

ogre, inside and out.

Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t speak it out of experience. XD

#19. Guild Of Misguided Emotions

#19. Guild Of Misguided Emotions

When I look at you,

you look away.

Someone once told me that

people who look away when you look

really likes you,

but that was all a load of cow poo.

I refuse to believe it.

And up until you came and sat next to me,

I stuck to my belief.

My brain is mush.

These prompts, The New Renaissance, were created by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, and I am attempting these with Parvathi over at Queen Talks.

#17. Philippians 2:14-15

#17. Philippians 2:14-15

Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.”

I scoff at this.

How dare she send this to me.

How. Dare. She.

I fling my phone across the room

where it meets the wall



Good. The phone was giving problems,


I remember the previous message she had sent.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot live my life

with a person who is


about the world, 

who won’t try and let positivity in

and won’t encourage me to

live life

to the maximum.” 

I put my head between my knees

and sob my heart out.

I live with such a person, complaining all the time about how things aren’t right with them and the world and who can’t stand little changes in moods of other people and voice out every single thought that pops into their head. I’m not saying the last thing is bad, but please, take others into consideration for once, at least. That person is not going to read this anyway, but if anyone has ever told you to try and look at the brighter side of life, please do. It will definitely give you peace of mind and even if you don’t like the way things are running now, you will come to terms with it until you feel like changing it. Don’t make a fool out of that person; they mean no harm.

These prompts, The New Renaissance, were created by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, and I am attempting these with Parvathi over at Queen Talks.



#14. Love and other plagues

#14. Love and other plagues

“So, what I’m feeling right now

is what happens when one is in love?”

His face crunches up in slight disgust.

I boink his head, slightly.

“Yes, and it is a wonderful feeling!” I spread my arms

wide, inviting good thoughts and feelings.

My brother still looked disgusted.

I roll my eyes. He continues, “But why does it make me feel sick

to think of him, or even the thought of talking to him

when I know I love him?”

“It is the anticipation that you’re going to see someone

with a beautiful soul and  that your own soul

is awakened by it.

It’s very special,” I bite my lip,

thinking about my first love.

Of how his hair tickled my neck when he hugged me,

or the firm way he held me when I cried.

The sweet whispers to calm me down,

holding my hand firmly in his

and showing me off to the world.

I loved him, but he didn’t love me back,

or at least, the same way I did, and

I wipe away the tears that are threatening to

fall from my eyes.

Just like I did for so many nights

all those years ago.

I kinda like this poem. It is a bit detached, but I still like it.

These prompts, The New Renaissance, were created by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, and I am attempting these with Parvathi over at Queen Talks.

#8. Were we to overwinter

#8. Were we to overwinter

“I didn’t know it would be this cold!”

i yell at you,

because you yelled at me for choosing to be pretty over warm.

you sigh. It is an exasperated sigh.

I turn round on my heels and start pacing,

rubbing my arms and breathing in my hands,

when I suddenly stop; a warm shawl comes around my shoulders.

I smirk up at you.

You roll your eyes.

“I would be cold later and can’t ask for my jacket back!”

“We could’ve shared,” I suggest, with half a shrug.

“Yeah…” You trail off.

You turn to face me full on, cup my face in your hands, lean in close and whisper,

“Just so you know,

You don’t need clothes to make you look pretty.”

And it is warm enough for me to shed my shawl off.

Well, this was a hard one. I have no idea what its about.

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