#Novemberfalls 15. Unstrung

#Novemberfalls 15. Unstrung

In this puppet show

called LIFE,

I have been led to make many

many wrong decisions.

Well, not any more.

Your decisions

I suffer the consequences.

No more.

I cut off the string attaching me

to you

and I feel free.

This could be taken as a poem on suicide. I suppose.

Parvathi and I are attempting these poetry prompt by Falls Poetry.


#Novemberfalls 11. 11:11

#Novemberfalls 11. 11:11

the day I met you

the day I was born; the day

you saw me; the day

you were born: all fated to be

the same. to bring us closer.

A Tanka. Something inspired by my parents.

BTW, yesterday, it was their birthday! Yes, both my parents share the same birthday. Yes, it is unusual. No, it’s not fun for gifters like my sister and me.

Show my girl Parvathi some love! She is currently attempting these prompts with me over at Queen Talks.

#Novemberfalls 10. Blood in the cut

#Novemberfalls 10. Blood in the cut

The first time the sharp side of the metal met my skin

it was only a touch.

A feather touch, and barely that.

but they both went red.

even though it lasted only for a few seconds,

the colour was spectacular.

I did it again.

I experimented with various different blades

Various kinds of touches

and maybe even kissing!

The colour never ceased to fascinate me.

Some self love guys! If you guys ever feel like self-harming, please talk to someone you trust and who will listen to you without judgement! You will feel so much better, I promise you.

My amazing blogging buddy, Parvathi, over at Queen Talks, and I are attempting these poetry prompts together. Do show her some love!!

#Novemberfalls 2. Call for Lost souls

#Novemberfalls 2. Call for Lost souls

There was a time when we got excited.

We got so excited about little things that

sleeping was a lost cause that night!

It could be a day trip during school,

a new book delivery!

A small trip across town

or even the fact that you got to see your best friend

outside of school, on a holiday.

But now, slowly, growing up

we realize, excitement requires energy.

The kind of energy that we can’t afford to use because

that assignment is pending!

the record is incomplete!

Family interactions, being polite

enduring conversations where you really want to point out that

a person can’t look like “a gay” but for the sake of maintaining peace,

you use up that extra energy to shut up

and sit quietly.

I’ve been feeling that way for a long time now, especially the past year, and I know how it feels to lose energy to do the things you want to do in life. To all those third years out there, don’t lose hope or faith. You can push through the end. It’ll be woth it.

My bae Parvathi over at her blog is writing some amazing poems. Go, show her your love!

#Octoberfalls 21. Dark Lipstick

#Octoberfalls 21. Dark Lipstick

I don’t use that shade of lipstick.

I don’t use lipstick

at all.

So, where did this come from?

Your collar is stained so badly

that my hands ache from scrubbing it.

Not tonight.

Tomorrow, when you reek of alcohol

and come to me, groping me

wanting me

I will show you then.

Oh Devre, help me.

This was inspired by one of my own short stories. I was proud of it when I wrote it, but now it brings me memories that I’d rather not bring up.

#Octoberfalls 20. Magic and Marigold

#Octoberfalls 20. Magic and Marigold

the bright flower pales

the afternoon rays of the sun

makes me smile, always.

A little haiku, because I really do think the brightness of marigold or any flower, for that matter, pales the sun rays. I guess it’s more of a feeling than anything else.

And it’s the first time I painted a watercolour/gouache marigold! I’m quite happy with it, but I’m sure I can do better if I just keep trying.