#14. White Noise

You’re talking.

I can see your lips move,

your hands making arcs in the air

your eyebrows scrunched up in worry.

But I don’t hear you.

All I hear is the repeated words,

as if on an infinite loop,

you failed you failed you failed.

Parvathi and I are attempting Rebirth in April in July. Her responsive poem to this prompt is amazing. Go, click the link here!


#7. Accidental Birthdays

It was a long day,

longer than the Equinox,

longer than the Solstice, even.

My eyelids were heavy and half-closed

when I made back to my apartment that night.

Shoving my bag aside and switching on the lights,

people jump up and scream,

“Happy Birthday!”


I am confused, only momentarily,

because then you come bouncing towards me

with a huge, face-splitting smile,

so genuine and warm

and even your slight frame knocks me back a little,

when you hug me with so much love.

“Happy birthday!” You say.

I smile back at her,

as she leads me towards the cake.

It was the best birthday ever,

even if it was a few months early.

Parvathi and are doing Rebirth In April in June. Yes. No, we’re not confused. Check out her poetry! They’re amazing!

#1. I’m just going to lie & tell you starting over was easy

Parvathi and I are back! We will be attempting JR Rogue’s and Kat Savage’s Rebirth in April in July. Yes, I know that sounds off, but if we didn’t do it, we agreed that our brain cells would’ve just dried up for no further use.

I hope to have a header soon. Let’s see what I can conjure up myself again this time.

I hear my heart cracking into a million little pieces

As I turn my back to you

and walk away.

I don’t cry because, well,

the tears don’t do justice to the

overwhelming feeling that I am currently feeling.

And then, I hear something else.

Another shatter, away from me.

This time, it is yours.

I look back and nod at you,

in acknowledgement that

it is just as had for you

as it is for me.