#13. The Wolf at my throat

#13. The Wolf at my throat

My chest heaves quicker and quicker after each step.

I wipe my mouth; my hand comes off red.

I open my mouth to scream,

No sound comes; instead

I run faster, but I feel like I’m making

no progress.

Someone is chasing me.

I don’t know who; I can’t look back because I’ll fall

and then whoever is chasing me,

will finish me off.

And I can’t let that happen.

I need to survive, and live to the fullest

even if it means beating the shit

out of life.


These prompts, The New Renaissance, were created by Tyler Kent White and Amanda Torroni, and I am attempting these with Parvathi over at Queen Talks.

#28. Why want Leap Years

#28. Why want Leap Years

Every year,

I get to see you for

365.25 days.

But on leap years,

I get to see you

an extra, full day

and it’s the most cherished day

ever, in my life.

Sorry about this one.

And it’s a wrap!

We’ve partially successfully completed attempting the Spring Palette for The Heart, and we hope to see you soon again!

And I really hope to get better in writing poems. I’ve loved doing it but I know there’s immense scope for improvement. I can’t wait to find more prompts and attempt them, so until then, hang on!

#25. Unconscious doodles

#25. Unconscious doodles

Before, I hated drawing.

I despised artists; I thought art was a waste of time.

I mean, a “painting” wish some red streaks and splashes becomes famous?

For what, like those red streaks were somewhat very purposeful?

Phshhhhh. Puh’lease. Like it matters.

But now, I can’t stop my pencil from moving about.

From restaurant paper napkins to exam sheets,

everything was covered in hearts.

all kinds of hearts, filled, empty.

Coloured, patterned.

Ends touching.

Ends hollow.

It was all because of this one artist that I grew up with,

who taught me, unintentionally, that all people,

all hearts, collectively, individually

are pieces of art

when brought together, makes up the universe.

Something new.

This is the Spring Palette for the Heart, by Parvathi and Me.



The Spring Palette for the Heart- Prompts

The Spring Palette for the Heart- Prompts

The prompts for the Spring Palette for the Heart is here!


Let Parvathi and me know if you guys are taking part! We’re so thrilled about it!

I’ve been asked if this was for art. If you want to, you’re more than welcome to share your art as well. Parvathi and I absolutely excited. We’re more than ready to see anything!

Don’t forget to use the hashtags on any and all social media: #thespringpalette and #pariandparuprompts

Starts tomorrow! Spread the word!

#25. Wish you were here

The first time you took me out

of the city,

out of the “light pollution”, as you call it,

my mouth hung open.

It was a gateway to heaven.

I didn’t move my eyes away from the stars.

I didn’t blink,

for i feared that they would disappear.

But I held your hand, firmly,

and i didn’t have to say it,

but I squeezed your hand,

thank you.

And for once,

I didn’t have to close my eyes

and wish for you to

be with me.