#Octoberfalls 25. Rosy and grey

#Octoberfalls 25. Rosy and grey

the bright red rose, the

same colour as your lips

with eyes stormy grey.

A little haiku for a watercolour inktober piece.


#Octoberfalls 11. Aquiver

#Octoberfalls 11. Aquiver

the wind blows rippling

the silent water of the

lake and I can breathe.


You are not here, but

I feel you around me. you

are the soft grass, the

clouds that bring shade, the tree that protects

protects, the water that lives


the sun that shines just

like your eyes when they looked at

me. With full of love.

A mix of Haiku and Tanka. I had to come back to writing love poems because I couldn’t think of anything else. I also bought some fab pens which I totally love. I’m quite happy with the art work, but I know it can get better. One day soon.