#6. When the bottom falls out

At this point in life,

I thought I’d reached the bottom.

And I was so excited that

for the first time in my life,

there was no other way to go down,

except up.

Where i could see the winking light

of red dwarfs and white giants

and the occasional blue twinkling.

But then the bottom gave out

and I fell so deep that

I couldn’t see the Sun anymore.

Somewhat how I’m feeling these days.

Parvathi and I are attempting Rebirth In April! Check out her poems!

Hopefully I will have a header by the end of the day.

#5. Sunday Coffee and Second Chances

It is 6 AM on a Sunday morning.

My eyes shot open and look at the clock.

Trying to go back to sleep is a lost cause.

I get up and rub my eyes with my fists,

giving myself bags, and pick up the book next to me

on my night stand.

I’d given up on it, last night,

but it was so beautiful.

Memories are a bane,

but I banish those thoughts aside

and heave myself off the bed,

to get myself some coffee

on an unnaturally bright and early

Sunday morning.



#12. Red Gloves

We met at the airport.

Those hands first, nails painted in those signature shade of blood red,

the same shade as her lipstick

which were completely in sync with her dark billowing hair and long, long earrings.

Those multi-coloured bangles and mirrorwork kurta.

We met at the airport.

But we said goodbye, in air, engulfed by fire.

I’m back!

This is the Spring Palette for the Heart, curated by me and Parvathi.

#1. The Circus In Me

#1. The Circus In Me

When I first saw you,

Time slowed

Crowd parted

Silence followed

Clouds dissipated

until you were bathed in the 

soft glow of sunlight. 

And the veins and arteries

in a bundle of cardiac muscles

thrum against my rib cage,

rattling it,

doing acrobatic stunts,

resonating all over my body

and suddenly, 

the world is so much better.

I’m so excited to be writing today! This is the first prompt of the Spring Palette for the Heart, curated by myself and Parvathi. Check out here or here for the full list of prompts!


#25. Wish you were here

The first time you took me out

of the city,

out of the “light pollution”, as you call it,

my mouth hung open.

It was a gateway to heaven.

I didn’t move my eyes away from the stars.

I didn’t blink,

for i feared that they would disappear.

But I held your hand, firmly,

and i didn’t have to say it,

but I squeezed your hand,

thank you.

And for once,

I didn’t have to close my eyes

and wish for you to

be with me.

#2. The December in our eyes

I inch my hand closer

slowly, slowly,

towards my coffee

while I keep my steady

eyes on your

gorgeous one.

You notice my hands

from the corner of your eyes

and raise an eyebrow.

I suppress a giggle

at your comical expression.

I swallow a gasp as you

take my hand,

now closer to y coffee,

in both of yours

and you kiss it.

One single, long kiss

with your eyes on me.

I give up.

I close my eyes and moan silently.

You’ve let go of my hand

and you’re watching me,

creating a tingling sensation.

From my head to my toe

and we leave our coffees

and staring contest

behind in the cafe.

Well, I tried 😀

Better ones coming soon!