#20. Sleeping in

I can’t face you.

Not after I stammered and blurted out that

little secret you asked me to safe guard.

Not after that incredulous look you shot at me

when I did that.

Not after that look of disappointment that clouded your face

after I betrayed your trust.

And if I do ever see you again,

I’ll blurt out all my secrets,

including the fact that I’ve always,

always, always loved you.

I really can’t face anything,but the darkness over my eyes

when I cover my blankets over my face.

This is my 100th post on this blog! Time for celebration! Time for an new book!


#19. The Anatomy of a Wish

“So, I want this one,

and that book,

and, ooh! That sounds interesting…”

As I keep adding items

to my cart,

I realize,

what is it that

i have done to

earn such rewards?

All I’ve brought upon

myself and my loved ones

is disappointment,

and leave empty handed.

Exactly how I’m feeling.

#4. What we reap

The saying goes,

“You reap what you sow,”

but then,

why do I reap disappointment when

all I’ve done is my best?

Why do I reap depression when

I’ve made others happy?

Why do I reap more struggle just when I’ve helped

myself out of dark, thorny forests?


why do I reap cold stares, dripping with hatred,

when all I’ve done is love?

You should check my friend at Queen Talks. Her response to this prompt is hilarious! You’ll love it!