#JanuaryFalls18 10. Midnight Seas

“Come on, let’s take a walk,”

That was unexpected of you.

I take your hand and lift myself off

gracelessly, but you don’t notice it

because you don’t make fun of it.

My heart is thumping in my ears

deafening the sound of the high tide

crashing against our legs.

We go deeper.

Water keeps raising

to our calves, knees

mid-thigh, waist

You don’t stop.

I don’t stop.

But when the water was finally reaching

up to my chest, you whirl round

pull me to you

hard against your chest

raking your fingers through my hair

you whisper, “I’ll never

ever let you go.”

I’m happy this took a turn like this.

My darling Parvathi, over at Queen Talks and I are attempting these prompts curated by Falls Poetry over on Instagram.


#30: Misery Riot

The last one!

I’m gonna miss writing this kind of poetry!

Every night, as you come home,

I try for a genuine smile

from the heart.

But, it knows,

and you know,

that my heart belonged


before you came,

and brought me

the sun with you.

#29: Legacies of Ruin

Your mouth hangs open

at the huge box of gifts.

I angle the camera on the tripod

towards you.

I want to be able to cherish forever.

Any lover would be

content with just that look

on your face.

But not me.

I have more in store

and I can’t wait

to let you experience it.

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#27: Look for me in the stillness

I stare at the wall;

I’ve been staring at it for God knows how long.

For hours, months, years,

I can’t say because,

each time I look ta it,

you look different.

In every picture,

in every doodle that you and I

did together,

in every painting that you did,

in every charcoal sketch that I did.

Every tear that falls on the ground,

memories of you and me

are etched deeper into my soul.

#24: Temptation between my teeth


You need little naughty in life, fictional or not.

I drag my fingers across

the surface, collecting dark substance

on my fingertips.

She watches my,

carefully, and gauges my expression as

I put them in my mouth,

moan with the pure pleasure

of having to taste

the best chocolate ever made.

Picture credits: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2585441/Go-naughty-Quetzalcoatls-chocolate-cake.html


#23: The sheets remember you

I feel your absence


In the air around me,

In the bookshelf where your books lay


In the bathroom sink, where all your toiletries

sit half full and unused.

In the kitchen, where all your baking supplies

gather dust.

In the dusty cable TV.

In the curtains.

In the two-seater sofa.

In the balcony, where we sat and read.

In our bed, next to me.

#21: Motel Pools after 2

I have no idea. Please forgive me for the bad poem.

I stare at you from

across the surface of the water

you, swimming naked

and me, in shorts,

dangling my feet.

You make your way to me,

hold my gaze

and my hand,

and pull me forward.