#Octoberfalls 18. Icy Hearth

Since the day you closed

that door behind you, the stars

stopped twinkling. the sun

was not warm. the rain did not

cleanse. my heart remained cracked; cold.

Another Tanka, because I feel they’re easier to write.

I will be missing for a few days since I’ll be on vacation. I’ll see you soon!


#10. Reasons to Stay

You hold my wrist,

and kiss my hand,

tear drops sliding down from your eyes,


and finally on my hand. 

I look back,

wipe them away,

and hold you tight,

until you fall asleep. 

I thought of various things for this, but its gonna be my parents’ birthdays tomorrow (yes, they share it) and with so much travelling, my brain is mush. Will do better in the future!

#9. All the Shaky Sounds

That day,

when you stumbled into me,

spilling coffee and fries

all over us,

I called you a klutz.

Little did I know,

that one day,

the very same “klutz”,

would stumble upon my heart,

and walk carefully,

precisely over

its broken pieces.

#2. A Debt for happiness

Happiness. Joy. Exuberance.

These are words that I haven’t

associated myself with

in a while, now.

In a long time, actually. 

That’s because you need a

heart. To feel them.

But mine was broken,

crushed into powder

and blown away. 

Until you came and decided to

share yours with me

and brought the sun

with you. 


#14: Confessions and Apologies

My hands trembled as I

pulled the paper out of the envelope

addressed to me, in your

swirly, loopy, fancy handwriting.

I read through it,

taking in each word

breathing in each word

like it’s my last.

I see a smudge of your nail polish,

my favourite, your last,

shimmering midnight blue

and my heart shatters

all over again.