#30. Sleeping with the light on

I tuck her into bed,

soft blankets around her

as she looks up at me

with an unfathomable expression

on her face.

I smile reassuringly,

and move towards the door

to switch off the lights

and leave.

“No,” You whimper.

It breaks my heart.

You fear a monster

whose face is etched on your neurons.

I turn on the light on my phone

switch off the main light

and walk towards your bed.

You automatically move the blankets

and make space for me

where I tuck you again, for the second time

in this bed,

but the first

with me.

As I’m writing this, I feel that my earlier ones were better than this one. I really wish I had improved, but I mostly improved on using my imagination to the highest level.


I have attempted 29 out of 30. I think that’s pretty awesome. I’m proud of myself. You can find the original post of the prompts here. And not only did I just learn a fw things in writing, I also made myself a header (with Prince, of course) and I’m imensley proud of that!

You know who else I’m proud of? This lady here. Not only she has been my first writing/blogging buddy, she has been an immense inspiration to me, and reading her poetry, appreciating/commenting on each other’s posts, basically being a support system to me, she has been A GREAT FRIEND. I’m so lucky that she writes and blogs :’)

Happy December, ya’ll! I’ll see you guys again in another few months 😀


#29. No one arrived

*knock knock*

I get up from the comfortable

pillow and your warm embrace

and pull on some clothes.

I smile to myself

thinking about the great night

we had.

*knock knock*

The time is 3:42 AM.

Unless it is extremely important,

I don’t know anybody

who could be here at this time.

I open the door slightly.

Nobody is here.

I frown and close the door.

*knock knock*

Now it’s behind me.

I swivel around

to see you leaning

against the bedroom door

you sharp features softened

by the silvery moonlight

looking more beautiful and more desired

than I have ever felt.

You pull me closer

against your body

your skin to my clothes

as it soon becomes,

your skin

to my skin.

Sorry about the absence. I tried my best at this. I intended it to become something, but it turned out to be something else. Not disappointed though! Next is last!

#28. A Fuse Too Short

It was late

when I got home.

You were already prepping up 

to sleep,

with a scowl that 

explained a broken promise.

I swear, I didn’t do it on purpose. 

You wouldn’t listen, so

I decide to take a bath.

I turn on the shower

let it become hot,

while I strip.

And I look up,

a dark blob lurking outside the

shower curtain.

I grin, and

open up the shower curtain fully

and pull you

by the hand.

You shriek in surprise

but I swallowed them all. 

I made sure you were dry,

as wet clothes are harder to take off

and I begin to show you just

how much I love you. 

And, I’m back with my cheesy, romantic poems 😀

#27. Soundless Downpour

You knock hard on my door.

I refuse to acknowledge you

because I’m afraid that

if i do, you’ll take up all my time 

and leave none for

my near and dear ones. 

You go away,

sadness written all over you

and with a hint of 

grudging pride.




I am on my knees,

hands clasped,

desperate for you,

but you show up

this time,

like a big black dog. 

After a long time, I wrote something about myself, and what’s currently happening, unlike the others, where it was all wishful thinking.

#25. Naked as the Name

You call out to me

in that raspy, sleepy voice of yours

as I’m wrapping a robe

and you pat the bed next to you

and your beautiful body.

You smile lazily and I’m transfixed.

You pout cutely at my expression

and I’m transfixed.

I’m transfixed by the early morning sunlight

peeking from in between the curtains

the way it illuminates your body

accentuating your best parts.

Your face glows in the sunlight

bouncing off your skin.

I’m drawn towards you

like I’m in a trance

as we merge our souls

into one.

I somewhat liked this one. But you know which I loved better? This one. It made me feel in places that I didn’t know could be felt.


#24. A Carnival of Heathens

We pray to the Sun,

thanking him for this life.

We pray to the Moon,

for her beauty is incomparable.

We pray to the Wind,

and the Clouds collectively

for they bring us rain

without which,

Mother Earth,

our Goddess,

would’ve been unable to

provide us with all that

we need.

And we thank her, lastly,

saving the biggest thanks for

the end,

for providing us

with  food, water and shelter,

and giving me,


#23. Tell Me Where The Hope Lives

You touch my cheek

and cup it in your

warm and big hands.

I lean into you

responding to your touch

after so long.

But I hesitate and

pull back.

Your hand doesn’t move

and I look at you.

Something in your expression

I think it was your eyes

makes me cry and smile

at the same time

and you pull me to you

hold me tight

and whisper a promise

in my ear.

“Never again.”