“I like you crazy,” he whispered in my ear, holding me tight against him.

I melt my rock of a heart and fashion the same out of glass and and hand it to him.

Hoping that he wouldn’t let it slip, by mistake.


Advantage of Foresight

“Why are there so many people outside?” My wife’s eyes widened at the people my clinic. Being a psychiatrist is a good cover.

“I’ve been overbooked,” I smiled sheepishly at her.

“But… But…” she stammered, a first for her. She was always going on about how much of a family man I was, having no more than 5 patients a day.

And I was a family man. I didn’t just take the Foresight sacrificing a day of my life for each foresight I make for myself. It was for my family. And I wanted to know how much people were willing to pay.

And, it blew my mind away, when people offered me what they did.

“What about dinner?”

I sighed a deep, unhappy sigh. “I’ll be late today. We’ll have to postpone it,”

She longingly looked at me and finally looked down, proving that she isn’t used to being let down. I kissed her forehead, a sign of apology between us. She turned and left without looking back.

Now I have work to do.

Fire in the Mountain!

“Fire in the mountain, run, run, run! Fire in the mountain, run, run, run!”

Some people never get tired of celebrating.

Dodging some kids playing and chanting, I hurriedly made my way to the end of the street when I heard someone calling me.


Heat rushed to my cheeks, before even looking at him.

It was Flavius, running towards me to catch up. “Shall I walk you home?” he offered.

It was getting late; almost sundown. My mother would reprimand me for being so late. But with Flavius escorting me, she was almost lenient.


I meekly nodded, and he fell into step beside me.

“Did you enjoy Vulcanalia?” He asked.

I turned and lifted my head to see him. A small smile played on his lips. He knew how much I enjoyed.

“I did,” I said. I remembered the moment that happened yesterday, when he pulled me aside before leaving, and we lit a candle in honour of the God of Fire, Vulcan. I remembered the way the fire danced in his eyes, his warm brown eyes that had momentarily turned into a shade of dark red and looked like a Roman God himself. I loved it.

We walked quietly for a while, up until the street that led to my house. His arm kept brushing mine, and I didn’t want that to end.

When we finally reached my house, my mother was outside, watering the plants, cursing under her breath, undoubtedly the Festival of Fire, which had dried up all her plants.

He couldn’t stay longer, even though I wanted him to. He held my hand in his, with a hope in his eyes. “Aurelia-”

I never knew what he was going to say because just then, the Vesuvius erupted. Smoke and ash fell all around us and on us, undoubtedly very hot. But there was no where to run.

It seems the god Vulcan was not happy with Pompeii’s sacrifices.

An Offer I Couldn’t resist

I thought hard, even though there was no need for me to. The offer was pretty good; pretty priceless too, considering the amount of hard work I’d put in. So, I’d told him I needed time. He gave me whole night to think about it. A whole night of sleeplessness will have gained something worthwhile in the morning. What he bargained for was irresistible.

I’d been working on an article on how this man’s huge Law Firm feeds off on their poor clients and NOT win their case for them. It wasn’t my big break, but I thought it would feel good to rub it in his face. And then, of course, he made an offer. He, being what he is, researched about me and learnt about my background and offered me the one thing I’d always dreamed of since I was a teen. Of course, I couldn’t get it then, and I could NEVER get it now, as what he offered was not available anymore. Just my luck that he had to show up.

The next morning, I went to the worthless and expensive cafe where we first met to talk about the deal. I’d made my decision. Bad, maybe, but harmless. And he showed up in a navy blue tailored suit, with a box in his arms. I’d seen inside that box on an auction site. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices collectors were offering. And he bought it. To buy me off. And I was going to let him.

He came and sat down across me. I tried not feel under dressed in my Jeans and White shirt and made a mental note that HE wants me to feel that way and that I should stop thinking about it. I reached down to my bag and got out the file. Bloody lawyers and their systems. “Please hand over the printed, filed documents to me,” he’d said.

“There,” I said as I slid the file towards him, “All yours.” He leafed through it swiftly and had an amused look on his face. “You really did find out everything.”

“Yeah,” I said, trying to be sincere, “I’m a Journalist, see and that’s kind of my job.” With a tight smile. He slid me my end of the bargain. It was neatly wrapped in brown paper and I tried hard not to tear it. And finally, I was holding it. It was my grandfather’s, and it is rightly mine but the pathetic situation is that I had to get this as a bribe. I opened it, and I caught my breath. There it was. 4 hard covers. That my Grandfather wrote. The only edition of it, before it got famous and noted by the whole world. Unfortunate of him that he wasn’t there to see and enjoy his fame. And they smelled amazing. I closed the box and exhaled nervously. He looked at me with cold eyes and an unfathomable expression. “Are you sure that this is the only copy? You know what will happen if it gets out.”

I gritted my teeth. “Yeah. We’ve been through this.”

He smiled sympathetically, got up and held out his hand. “It’s been a pleasure associating with you. Let’s do it again.” I fought the urge to punch him, right there. I got up and shook his hand. And he turned and left.

Growing up and apart

There was this little boy living near the sea, who was all of 8 years old, with sandy hair and eyes changing into colors of the sea: dark green when he was angry; pale, grey-green when he was calm. He was having his first swimming lessons from his father in the sea when I first noticed him. I wondered how I’d missed noticing him. I’m always looking for new recruits, or rather, ambassadors of Mother Nature, and here is this kid whom I’ve missed for eight years. So, I decided to confront him.

Since water was his first contact with earth, I sent my best fish to talk to him. Any normal kid would’ve been very scared of a talking fish, but instead, this kid happily chatted with him and it honestly shook me. I had one of the worst flares in several millennia. Not only did he chat with him, the kid was so enthusiastic and happy that my fish created a link between all him and all the things he loved, so that he could mentally chat with everyone and everything. This has never happened. It was forbidden, but my fish had broken the rules and had gotten away with it anyway (with the help of the kid).

As the years passed by, all of my colleagues took an opportunity to turn this kid into a kind and compassionate young man. But it didn’t take hard work. He was a natural. Just like the other girl across the planet. The boy had love for Mother Nature in his blood. He was no vegetarian; but that didn’t stop him from loving animals.He chatted with me like we were old buddies. He respected me and often reminded that as harsh as I can be, without me, the Planet couldn’t exist. He helped me lift my spirits up when I was low, which is almost everyday, and also everyone else’s. He also lovingly named my Captain Cloud as Papa Cloud. He went on to becoming a professional surfer in his late teens, found the love of his life, and is now in college. He is quite the adventurer!

Through all these years, all the link that he had with the creatures of Nature, big and small, has suddenly seemed to have vanished. He doesn’t speak to animals, or Water, or Sand, or the Sky, or the Clouds, or the Stars, or even me. But nevertheless, whatever my colleagues and I had taken him through his years of growing up has stayed with him. That’s what’s really important. He’s learned to respect Nature and fight for it, fight for it as if She’s his own, and he’s passed that message down to several other kids. I couldn’t be prouder.