Because Every Summer is Still Winter

Here are all the poems under the set of prompts, “Because Every Summer Is Still Winter” by JR Rogue and Kat Savage.

  1. Hardwood Oceans Between Lovers
  2. A heart like Flypaper
  3. Kindness Never Knew Us
  4. Straight words and Crooked Smiles
  5. I will not keep you
  6. Shattered Glass and Bruised egos
  7. An echo and A reminder
  8. The devil in my coffee cup
  9. Parted Lips and your Pardon
  10. The waltz at midnight
  11. Vacation from Drowning
  12. We gave something up
  13. Pause and Repeat
  14. Confessions and Apologies
  15. Parachute Promise
  16. Paper thick skin
  17. The God Next Door
  18. Morning Mourning
  19. The night of no new things
  20. The Lies I tell you
  21. Motel Pools after 2
  22. If I could unpart my thighs
  23. The sheets remember you
  24. Temptation between my teeth
  25. Fresh Dirt from an Old Grave
  26. I can hear you ticking
  27. Look for me in the stillness
  28. Ghost stories at Breakfast
  29. Legacies of Ruin
  30. Misery Riot