Advantage of Foresight

“Why are there so many people outside?” My wife’s eyes widened at the people my clinic. Being a psychiatrist is a good cover.

“I’ve been overbooked,” I smiled sheepishly at her.

“But… But…” she stammered, a first for her. She was always going on about how much of a family man I was, having no more than 5 patients a day.

And I was a family man. I didn’t just take the Foresight sacrificing a day of my life for each foresight I make for myself. It was for my family. And I wanted to know how much people were willing to pay.

And, it blew my mind away, when people offered me what they did.

“What about dinner?”

I sighed a deep, unhappy sigh. “I’ll be late today. We’ll have to postpone it,”

She longingly looked at me and finally looked down, proving that she isn’t used to being let down. I kissed her forehead, a sign of apology between us. She turned and left without looking back.

Now I have work to do.